mardi 2 décembre 2014

Sport in London

Hi everyone today I’m not gonna post a long article, that’s why I will just focus on an aspect about the british capital London, sport.

So as you know one of the most popular sport in England is football, and for sure London is one of the british city which shows the best how much football is an important part of british culture, and how much british people are fond of this sport. As well, the city of London has some 14 professional teams with some significiant one like Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham… The most impressive football stadium in London is Wembley, but some other typical stadiums shows the bristish fervour about football. For example WhiteHart Lane (Tottenham), Highbury (ex-Arsenal) or Stamford Bridge (Chelsea).

London is also a city of rugby, with 4 significiant teams, London Irish, Saracens, London Wasps and Harlequins., but there is only one of this team (Harlequins) which really plays in London. Matches of the national team are generally played in Twickenham.

Moreover London is’nt limited to this two sport. In fact, in London we can watch some typical sports like cricket in two important stadiums : the Lord's Cricket Ground, or The Oval.

Afterward, every year we can watch the Tennis Wimbledon tournament, the London Marathon, and also the Boat Race which  is an annual rowing race between Oxford University  and Cambridge University on the River Thames.

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  1. Hello
    I like your post, I learn some things about football, I hope it can help me to understand my friends' conversations about this sport ! Then, I have never seen the appearence of a cricket stadium, the architecture is a little strange.