lundi 17 novembre 2014

European/American cities

     Hi everyone, today I’m not gonna talk about a European capital, but I will try to argue a little about why European cities are more interesting and fascinating to visit than American cities.
      So, on one hand, to my view, notwithstanding American cities are very beautiful and impressive with huge skyscrapers and buildings, they are too much younger than european cities, and as well they don’t have the huge heritage that European cities have thanks to their history. In america we can rarely visit a monument which dates from the 13th century for example. Furthermore, I find that all American cities are built with the same standards. For example each street is very straight and all parallels, in a linear way ; however, European cities are filled with a lot of picturesque little streets, and also with a big irregularity which gives to European cities an important and unique identity. On the other hand, american cities have European origins because it was european people who built first the cities over there and of course they built it with the same architecural style as european cities, and now we can found a lot of buildings which are very inspired by europen architecture, as well.

     To sum up, I think that even if american cities are also beautiful, they don’t have the huge diversity and heritage which european cities have, and that’s why European cities are more interesting to visit.

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  1. Hi
    Like you write, the european cities' style has an important consequence to the american cities' one. You can add the plan of a classic north american city to your argumentation