mardi 7 octobre 2014


Welcome everyone to my new blog. In this post, I will introduce the topic of my blog which is culture and heritage of european capitals. First, I chose it because I'm crazy about travels and also with the huge diversity which characterise european countries. So, I will talk about customs, history, monuments and important places which are linked to european capitals' countries. As well, each week, I will choose a capital and describe it. Well, I know there are a lot of things to tell about this topic, that's the reason why I will focus on urban heritage by talking about historic monuments and also important buildings which are linked to the city's identity. Then, I will talk a little about city's history and also about the place taken by culture and sport in each city.
Well, I will start next week with my country's capital; you guessed it will be Paris. I hope you will enjoy this blog, have a good read! Bye!

2 commentaires:

  1. Your topic'choice is interested. It's a good idea to focus on the urban patrimony of each euopean capital which you describe. Like you say, « there #are a lot of things to tell about this topic » . Nevertheless, we aren't used to discover #cities' history by architural evolution of buildings and monuments. . You're right to speak about sport ! However, please don't just present the national football's team ! Thank you very much !

    Student #21

  2. I completely agree with the subject that you choose. This summer, I did a kind of a road trip with some friends and that was awesome. We visited some eastern capitals like Berlin, Krakow, Praha, Vienne, Budapest and all this cities are crazy. Travel is the best thing to do with friends. You discover other cultures and very differents people, that make you a smarter person.